Agency Partner Information

If you’re looking for a team to produce all of your creative content, just need one complicated postproduction role filled, or would love to have someone with technical motion graphics expertise manage your freelancers, we can help.

Check out our services reel—a quick itemization of some of our client services—and a breakdown of how some of our agency partnerships work below.


Postproduction for a Full-Service Agency

Since 2006, we’ve worked with Oklahoma sports marketing powerhouse Old Hat on all manner of motion graphics. Our 1,000+ projects with Old Hat involve nearly every fan engagement medium: We’ve edited their brilliant footage and print design materials into heart-stopping football intro videos, designed kiss and dance cams, produced thousands of player features and noise meters… even dropped out the floor of multiple basketball arenas with perspective-shattering 3-D court projections.


Moving Content for Event Producers

We’ve had the privilege of working with the visionary team at Factor 110 since 2007, creating custom animations, event video showpieces, virtual reality renderings of things that haven’t been built yet, and wall-sized graphics that jump from screen to screen.

The Factor 110 team has put a tremendous amount of trust in our creative output and our technical guidance to create focal points for the out-of-this-world events they put together all over the country.



Specialized Services and Overflow

The crazy fun team at Ideaship Studios in Tulsa has tons of motion graphics experience, but when their client Osage Casino started requesting specific, advanced 3-D animation—an in-house forte of ours that’s very commonly outsourced—they called on us to make it happen.


It’s not uncommon for the principal at an agency to also be the creative director, videographer, editor / producer / graphic designer / janitor / accountant, and whatever else needs to be done. We’re intimately acquainted with navigating that professional quandary on behalf of our clients.

In addition to the companies above, we’ve worked with tiny startups, providing logistical and creative support for large-scale projects, up to massive advertising agencies like Leo Burnett on monthly production of national television commercials. We have as much respect for deadlines as we do for Adobe After Effects, and we’re confident that if you’ve ever thought, ‘If only we had someone on staff who could do this for us!” there may be an opportunity for us to work together.