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She fits our personality like a glove.
He doesn’t just want a job, he wants to work
Her outside interests show depth of character.
She’s anal retentive, just like me.
I really like her sense of humor.
He’s laid-back in a way that seems to suit us.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our recent company rebrand was that it forced me to stop and reflect on who we are, where we came from, and where we’re headed. The quotes above are a small sampling of my notes from the applicant interviews of the current staff of CVWmedia, the same people who have gone on to make us what we are today.

Looking back at first impressions is an opportunity to contemplate individual growth and each person’s impact on our company, as well as how the company itself has evolved over the same time period. But more than that, it takes me back to the day I met each person here and reminds me of the first impression they had on us.

One of the things I like best about CVWmedia is that we value authenticity and honesty, both in our work and in our day-to-day personal interaction. That’s the foundation of our culture as a company and an integral thing we wanted our new branding to allude to. It’s a philosophy, sure, but it’s also really how we operate. Case in point…

You can see how much passion she has.
He is very genuine. He is a great resource for solving problems.

She always remains positive.
He’s dedicated not just to getting things done, but to doing them right.
I admire her intelligence, responsibility, work ethic… her attention to detail.

She follows her curiosity when it’s piqued.

Those comments are a compilation of quotes I received when I asked our staff to identify a trait they admire in a coworker. These illustrate a team made up of individuals who have earned the respect and admiration of those around them by how they live and work.

What’s inspiring to me is that these compliments have nothing to do with one’s level of artistry or skills as a project manager. Words like genuine, dedicated, positive, curiosity, and passion focus on individuals projecting outward, working unselfishly for and with each other.

The work we do at CVWmedia is always about the clients, but our company—our brand—is our people.

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