deep cut: vanessa house beer company garage fire pale ale


Creating fresh, unique media content is a lot like creating fresh, unique beer. There are thousands of intricate steps to follow, and the payoff is usually delicious. Thankfully, we have yet to cause any fiery explosions in our production room…unlike the Vanessa House crew.

When we heard the story behind their new Garage Fire Pale Ale, we knew we had to share it with the world. Since we didn't have access to a fire truck or a spare garage to burn down, we recreated the incident with puppets.

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After interviewing a few of the VHBC guys at the former scene of the crime—Wasting beer is a crime, right?—we got to work creating a tiny replica set using recycled Amazon boxes, leftover Christmas crafts, and a handful of chopsticks from Becky's house. With some expert crafting help from Vanessa House co-owner Andrew "Geppetto" Carrales and a little bit of movie magic, we were able to bring the traumatically hilarious accident to life.

We wanted to give our client a video that was fun and memorable and that gave their audience a personal connection to their product, just like the connection they had. Vanessa House debuted the video during a Pint Night event at a couple of Garage restaurants, and Puppet Zac received a Golden Globe for his passionate and nuanced performance as "Man Running from Garage Screaming.”

2019 Update: This video took home a gold at the Oklahoma ADDYs!

Here’s the video in full: