new year, new reel

2019.01 - blog graphic.png

I love a new demo reel.

In what other field do you get to collect up all the best parts of the best things you’ve done and put them together into a single showpiece—one perfectly digestible illustration of all the highlights—that also serves as a brand-new piece of work?

Keeping our portfolio fresh is important to us, but the reflection it provokes is key, too. When we hit a super busy stretch, it’s easy to box up and ship something out and then immediately move all our energy into the next project without looking back. Putting together a new reel brought out a lot of murmurs of, “Oh yeah!” or, “Man, that was cool, I’m glad we did that,” when we reviewed this with the whole CVW team.

This year, we made a point to include not only swatches of our flashiest client work but also some off-the-cuff projects we did, both for training and for fun. It’s as complete a snapshot of 2019 CVWmedia as we could have imagined.

Check it out!

Our new demo reel, fresh for 2019! Music is "Radiowaves" by NET.