Client Prospectus

Breadth of Services

CVWmedia is an Oklahoma-based production house providing and managing an array of digital media services: 3-D, motion graphics, aerial and traditional videography, editing, graphic design, and more. Here’s a reel that breaks down some of what we’ve done for our recent clients.

Case Study

Many of our clients cross over from an initial project—a single video or animated logo, for example—into long-term relationships spanning wide varieties of production. The reel at left details some of the work we’ve done for a single company over the span of a few years.



So… why CVWmedia? Our services cover much of the digital media spectrum, making us something of a one-stop shop for your company’s production needs. We have a dedicated operations staff that can even help you manage your preferred contractors, if what you’re looking for is assistance with the oversight of your brand guidelines, technical specifications, and production deadlines.

Beyond that, we have a few in-house specialties—the types of projects we’ve done a lot of recently and find we have a knack and affinity for. A few examples:

Shooting, scripting, and editing short-form videos, constructing cohesive narratives from multiple interviewees.

Complex 3-D modeling of environments and objects, real or imagined, animated to do whatever you’d like.

Character animation. The above example is our in-house chameleon, Frank, who’s worked for several of our clients.

Taking a set of brand elements guidelines designed for print and adding brand-appropriate movement.

How to Get Started

Interested? Our blog sheds a little more light on our production process. If you think we might be a good fit or just want to know more, give us a shout!